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Strasser Catherine

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Economic Intelligence & Creativity within SMEs/SMIs: An Offensive Skill to be Introduced

Organizations, as small-medium business in France, create the largest part of national wealth and employment; generate more than half the productive investment of our country. Through their size, their history and their adaptability, capability, they are often considered as innovation center and veins of inspiration coveted by the competition, members of one organisation powered to creativity goals in project team, has a principal mission on managing the information and pushing up new ideas, for product and services. The position of strategic intelligence and business intelligence in their development, diversification, innovation and decision-making processes is common knowledge. However, although the defensive aspect has become familiar to them, the offensive side often focuses on the role of gathering and processing information and introducing intelligence procedures. Can creativity be a support for competitive intelligence and can advertising approach contribute on defining and integrating an offensive model for SME SMI? - A model which would not be solely for the benefit of intelligence alone, but available to each of the company’s stakeholders in order to become a source of diversification, innovation and decision making. Part of the paradigm, we have assembled for this research in general and for that purpose in particular, should have to refer to the “networking-actor” sociological field Latour (1991 and following ), (Callon & Latour,) and what we called through this article ‘reverse creativity’. We will base our theoretical and furthermore, practical development, on the Japanese approach in Nonaka and Takeuchi (1997) research which supports the employee as the main stakeholder in the company with access to and the ability to process information and knowledge and interact with the organisation. We will analyse how creative advertising techniques and, particularly, the disruption manner, which we owe to the publicist Jean Marie Dru (1996 & 2003), and attempt to demonstrate that a model which links the field of “knowledge” to that of “creativity” would serve a company’s tactical and strategic goals. Читать дальше...

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