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№68(2) 2018

  • The impact of the digital transformation of the economy on entrepreneurial competencies
  • Construction the rating of competitiveness the Russian companies
  • Gamification as a tool for ensuring the competitiveness of modern companies
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№67(1) 2018

  • The system analysis of the current state of entrepreneurship education in universities in the Russian Federation
  • Problems of entrepreneurial education in the era of digital technology development
  • Methodical support of the project work for the formation of entrepreneurial competencies in higher education
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№66(6) 2017

  • The bases of the theory of multi-level competition and its instrumental base
  • Price Parallelism on Mobile Communication Markets: Three Interpretations
  • The causes and the role of unfair competition at modern industry markets
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№65(5) 2017

  • Expert procedures and opportunities related with trial of antitrust cases
  • The state of competition on the transboundary markets of the EAEU, on the example of the Eurasian economic Commission in respect of the Company «Caterpillar»
  • Structural modernization of the Russian economy in the context of the modern competitive environment
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№64(4) 2017

  • The development of entrepreneurial competencies in a technical university: experience and good practices
  • Teaching of innovation entrepreneurship: the development of a harmonious set of competencies in management, design and engineering
  • The formation of competencies in Russian motor sport sector as a boosting factor for social entrepreneurship
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№63(3) 2017

  • Methodology of Assessing the Costs of Social Welfare for the Antimonopoly Control
  • Evaluation of Regional Competitiveness of Innovative Products Based on the Method of Analysis of Hierarchies
  • Competitive Analysis Theory Evolution. How to Measure Competition Online
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№62(2) 2017

  • Structural Alternatives of the Method of Comparable Markets in Implementing Antitrust Law
  • Criteria for the choice of a benchmark price in cases concerning monopolistic pricing
  • Design and implementation of the concept of comparable markets in Russian antitrust
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№61(1) 2017

  • Entrepreneurial education in Russian universities: scope, types of programs, balance of competences
  • Resources of entrepreneurial competencies integrated development
  • Entrepreneurship education: the way of rooting in University segment of Russian education
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№60(6) 2016

  • A new approach to the assessment of the level of competition
  • Product line and price discrimination: a theory perspective and a view from the markets
  • The contestibility of airline market
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